Caputo “00” flour blue

Caputo Blue Pizzeria is internationally recognised as the best pizza flour in the world and it is trusted by 80% of pizza chefs in Naples.

Do you wonder why? Its elastic gluten and soft starch help doughs to get a great hydration and achieve the perfect rise. 

This flour is 100% natural, so you won’t find in it artificial enzyme and extra additives. 

Hill House Farm

We purchase Ham, Bacon Smoked, Un-smoked pulled pork and sausage meat.

Hill house farm is based in the Surrey Hills, and is a family run farm dedicated to connecting people to the countryside, whether that be through great food or outstanding rural experiences.

Village Greens Farm Shops

We purchase the vegetables for our pizzas.

Village Greens specialize in selling fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, including their own grown from the Victorian walled garden at Denbies and the growing fields at Ockley. You can shop for a meal to cook from scratch. Having confidence in knowing that there priority is for there products to be local, natural and ethical. They use traditional growing methods and do not use artificial pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers.